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Improve your game

Wellingborough Golf Club is proud to announce the new stateof the art GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulation system which has been proved the most accurate launch monitor on the market today.

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* GC2 will measure the following
* Ball Speed
* Launch Angle
* Backspin Rate
* Sidespin Rate
* Total Spin
* Descent Angle
* Carry Distance
* Total Distance
* Offline Distance
* Peak Height Distance

With this information given after every shot we can build data averages of how a certain club is performing and whether it's suited to your swing. From here we can test various different models and shaft options to compare them against each other to see which is performing the best.

Club Fitting Using GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulation
Our fitting mode feature makes club fitting easy and intuitive by providing a comprehensive virtual depiction of launch condition, shot shape and down range values - all in real time.

Compare club performance via custom colour tracing, review disperse and gap analysis.

The fitting software allows us to provide an accurate and detailed fit to any player whether their handicap is 28 or +4, GC2 will provide real time figures as well as displaying ball flight for that perfect fit. Clubs can easily be tested against one another with various data being measured and then displayed in averages to easily see which club is performing the best for you.

Simulation Play Using GC2 Launch Monitor
We have invested in 13 championship courses to be at your disposal. Test yourselves on some of the top courses around the world! With its incredible realistic approach, you will feel the effects of playing the likes of Carnoustie and Royal troon.

Courses Available to Play

* BELFRY - England
* CARNOUSTIE - Scotland
* COG HILL - Chicago,
* OAKMONT COUNTRY CLUB - Pennsylvania,
* ROYAL TROON – Scotland
* SCHAUMBURG - Illinois
* SONOMA SHORES - California

Multiple Player Compatibility
Play up to four players in a variety of game options including stroke play, match play, skins, scramble, stableford, closest to the pin or modified.

You choose the tee's, weather conditions, wind and even the time of day you play. The more players you have and the more time you play the cheaper it becomes, perfect for 4 players to play 18 holes within 4 hours.

Choose from 1 of our 13 championship courses you and your playing partners want to tackle, with the GC2 Simulator anything is possible.


Lesson Prices
* 30 minute lesson to members - £20
* 30 minute lesson to non-members - £25
* 1 Hour lesson to members - £35
* 1 hour lesson to non-members - £45

This lesson experience is like no other. Not only do you get a precise reading of your ball data after each shot, you also get a visual experience as you would outdoors by watching the ball tracer via the GC2 simulator. Combine this with the 2 camera system supported by C swing coaching analysis this gives you everything you need from a lesson. Not forgetting the expertise from our PGA professionals.

Practice sessions
* Private Practice Session for 15 Minutes - £5 (Perfect for warming up before tee off)
* Private Practice Session for 30 Minutes - £10
* Private Practice Session for 1 Hour - £15

An ideal chance to hone your skills in the comfort of indoors using the GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulator Practice Range! Just like you would on the practice ground outside, you can hit balls with any club to various targets.

Ball Fitting Session
* Find Your Perfect Ball - £15

The type of ball your using is a very important factor of how it performs through the air, not just around the greens. In this session we will test your current golf ball on the GC2 launch monitor to see how it's performing. Depending on the spin you’re producing we can then test different models of golf balls to help improve control and distance.

Yardage Assessment
* Know Your Yardages With Each Club - £30

Using GC2 launch monitor you will hit each club in your bag. From the readings we will record the distance that you’re gaining with each club. You will be provided with a full print out of your yardages with every club. This information can be sent to you via email so you can view on your smart phone while out on the golf course.

Wedge Gapping Test
* Are you carrying the correct lofts - £15

This is a test to see if the wedges you’re currently carrying are the correct lofts resulting in equal distance gapping from your other wedges.

Hybrid Gapping Test
* Are You Carrying the Correct Lofts - £15

This is a test to see if the hybrids that you’re currently carrying are the correct lofts resulting in equal distance gapping from your fairway woods to your long irons.

Simulation Hire
* Simulation Hire for 1 hour - £40.00
* Simulation hire for 2 hours - £75.00
* Simulation hire for 3 hours - £110.00
* Simulation hire for 4 hours - £145.00